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React v15.6.0

June 13, 2017 by Flarnie Marchan

This blog site has been archived. Go to react.dev/blog to see the recent posts.

Today we are releasing React 15.6.0. As we prepare for React 16.0, we have been fixing and cleaning up many things. This release continues to pave the way.

Improving Inputs

In React 15.6.0 the onChange event for inputs is a little bit more reliable and handles more edge cases, including the following:

  • not firing when radio button is clicked but not changed (issue 1471)
  • changing an input of type range with the arrow keys (issue 554)
  • pasting text into a text area in IE11 (issue 7211)
  • auto-fill in IE11 (issue 6614)
  • clearing input with ‘x’ button or right-click ‘delete’ in IE11 (issue 6822)
  • not firing when characters are present in the input on render in IE11 (issue 2185)

Thanks to Jason Quense and everyone who helped out on those issues and PRs.

Less Noisy Deprecation Warnings

We are also including a couple of new warnings for upcoming deprecations. These should not affect most users, and for more details see the changelog below.

After the last release, we got valuable community feedback that deprecation warnings were causing noise and failing tests. In React 15.6, we have downgraded deprecation warnings to use console.warn instead of console.error. Our other warnings will still use console.error because they surface urgent issues which could lead to bugs. Unlike our other warnings, deprecation warnings can be fixed over time and won’t cause problems in your app if shipped. We believe that downgrading the urgency of deprecation warnings will make your next update easier. Thanks to everyone who was involved in the discussion of this change.

This blog site has been archived. Go to react.dev/blog to see the recent posts.


We recommend using Yarn or npm for managing front-end dependencies. If you’re new to package managers, the Yarn documentation is a good place to get started.

To install React with Yarn, run:

yarn add react@^15.6.0 react-dom@^15.6.0

To install React with npm, run:

npm install --save react@^15.6.0 react-dom@^15.6.0

We recommend using a bundler like webpack or Browserify so you can write modular code and bundle it together into small packages to optimize load time.

Remember that by default, React runs extra checks and provides helpful warnings in development mode. When deploying your app, make sure to use the production build.

In case you don’t use a bundler, we also provide pre-built bundles in the npm packages which you can include as script tags on your page:

We’ve also published version 15.6.0 of react and react-dom on npm, and the react package on bower.

This blog site has been archived. Go to react.dev/blog to see the recent posts.


15.6.0 (June 13, 2017)


  • Downgrade deprecation warnings to use console.warn instead of console.error. (@flarnie in #9753)
  • Add a deprecation warning for React.createClass. Points users to create-react-class instead. (@flarnie in #9771)
  • Add deprecation warnings and separate module for React.DOM factory helpers. (@nhunzaker in #8356)
  • Warn for deprecation of React.createMixin helper, which was never used. (@aweary in #8853)

React DOM

  • Add support for CSS variables in style attribute. (@aweary in #9302)
  • Add support for CSS Grid style properties. (@ericsakmar in #9185)
  • Fix bug where inputs mutated value on type conversion. (@nhunzaker in #9806)
  • Fix issues with onChange not firing properly for some inputs. (@jquense in #8575)
  • Fix bug where controlled number input mistakenly allowed period. (@nhunzaker in #9584)
  • Fix bug where performance entries were being cleared. (@chrisui in #9451)

React Addons

  • Fix AMD support for addons depending on react. (@flarnie in #9919)
  • Fix isMounted() to return true in componentWillUnmount. (@mridgway in #9638)
  • Fix react-addons-update to not depend on native Object.assign. (@gaearon in #9937)
  • Remove broken Google Closure Compiler annotation from create-react-class. (@gaearon in #9933)
  • Remove unnecessary dependency from react-linked-input. (@gaearon in #9766)
  • Point react-addons-(css-)transition-group to the new package. (@gaearon in #9937)
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